Order Form

Wandering what to get someone for Christmas, Anniversary, Birthday or Just Because and you know they love stamping? What about paper, ribbons, stamp sets or even the new Big Shot? I will be happy to order any of the products for you and have them shipped to your location.

It’s easy! Simply click on the Order Form below and fill out the PDF file. with your favorite stamp items.

Please NOTE:  all orders placed online are for credit card orders ONLY. A hard copy of the order must be mailed with your signature or given to me upon delivery for my records.  Please indicate on the form if you want the order to be shipped directly to you. All orders take at least 7 business days to be delivered.  If you need an order to be RUSHED, contact me first so I can let you know how much the shipping fee will be.

You will receive an email confirmation and if there are any adjustments such as, free items or special promotions you may qualify for, I will contact you.

I will be happy to take care of the order for you.

Email – snipescat@yahoo.com

Telephone – (336) 408-6863


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